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Interesting thread, guys! I flatter myself I am a beginning writer after the style of C.S. Lewis. Time will tell.

How did you decide that you wanted to write fantasy?
It just came to me. I've always loved creating the characters in my mind, and realized that I was capable of developing a real passion for the person I imagined. When I started reading more fantasy, I couldn't help but try my hand at writing!

What kind do you write?
I have plans for several novels, and have one well underway. I'm starting over, though. I was in a real slump, and couldn't understand what was holding me back. Then it hit me: I ALWAYS write with an outline, but had failed to make one for this work! Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!

My poetry is truly awful. That's okay, cuz I really don't want to write poetry anyway. I only create it when I'm very bored and want a writing challenge. What I do is think up a complicated rhyme scheme and think up something to fit it. Doesn't make for great writing, but it's great to kill some time!

Has Tolkien influenced your writing?
I'm sure Tolkien's writing has influenced me in some way. It really isn't obvious in my writing, though. I dislike fan fiction, and would never try to copy anyone, but I think the idea of creating my own languages probably came from Tolkien.

How do you make your protagonist (hero) somebody your reader can relate to, or like, or at least sympathize with?
My current main character is a true antihero. Not the type that gets respect. I don't even like him. [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img] I tend to depend on a strong "supporting cast" of characters. Hmmm...Gotta work on that.

My writing has been described as correct and well thought out, but not interesting. I foresee a career as a journalist before me! [img]smilies/evil.gif[/img] Thankfully, my lil'sis is helping me with character developement and description. She has a truly artistic mind, and that flavor carries over to her writing.

Can anyone suggest a site where I can get help and inspiration?

Have a great day!
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