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I am currently working on a fantasy quest type story very much inspired by Tolkein's works (especially the Silmarillion and LOTR). I want to create my own fictional universe like Tolkein and Lovecraft have done.

I have no idea what the main story will turn out to be except that it will be a quest of some sort. Right now i'm focusing more o ncreating the background of the story (how the 'world' was created, common legends, different races/cultures, etc). I'm also working on a language though that is proving very difficult since all i have are a bunch of sounds and these sounds must mean something and it must be consistent, unfortunately i'm not a linguist or a philologist like Tolkein so this complicates the task for me (i only know 2 languages fluently). As well I want to make it more morally ambigious than anything Tolkein ever came up with since i feel that the obvious christian tone/message of Tolkein's works are their only weakness. I'll probably be working on this for many years until i feel it'll be published as i'm only 22 and i'll i've ever written are poems/songs and a few short stories here and there.
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