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Gilthalion has just left Hobbiton.

How did you decide that you wanted to write fantasy? What kind do you write?
I liked fantasy very much. Read Tolkien's essay on Fairy Stories for the last word on what fantasy should be. In short, it is an entertaining way to get at the Truth.

Has Tolkien influenced your writing? If so, how?
Yes. He inspired me to make the most of language, including the practice of poetry. Description is important, and Tolkien was a master of it. Poetry can reach us in ways that prose often cannot, and working at it produces a concision of thought that makes prose even better.

How do you make your protagonist (hero) somebody your reader can relate to, or like, or at least sympathize with?
In the case of THE HOBBITS, there was some consideration of the audience. I thought that Elediriel, a bookish hobbit lass who gets caught up in an adventure with the very folk she knew so much about from her books, would be quite relatable. As with her friends, I tried to introduce the kinds of emotional responses that a person might really feel in her shoes. (Not that she ever wore any.) Describing how she FELT about what was happening to her induces the reader to sympathize with her.

What kind do you write? (Transition or Immersion)
This was a short novel written in the Immersion style. I don't know if I will ever write another fan fiction, but a Transition tale might be fun, if handled convincingly. The next work I do should be for publication, and it will be a long novel about the forthcoming Millennial Kingdom that, again, is immersed in its own millieu.

ERUWEN: You can go to the RPG sections or also the fan-fiction section of the Downs. There are so many great writers here that there is no possible way not to get inspired. For instance, Gilthalion wrote a wonderful Fan-fic called "The Hobbits" which I have constantly read and re-read. It inspired me so much. I think it was because of this story that I was inspired to write my first poem about Frodo and Sam.
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Wanna hear me read Tolkien? Gilthalion's Grand Adventures!
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