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Dialogue swap is hit or miss.

Galadriel tsking Treebeard's line as part of narration works.

Legolas taking(and butchering) Elrond's line explaining who Aragorn is in Rivendell doesn't work.

The elves at Helm's Deep was both annoying and awesome. It's a great movie scene but has nothing else going for it.

Most of the add ins are just odd. Going back(I was 13 when I first watched the films) I feel less attached to the films and more in tune with the books.

Another issue I have with the movie and always have. Is they make Frodo weak. Obviously it needs to seem pressing but The flight from Weathertop to Rivendell seems to be a day tops. And Frodo is barely lucid.

Bombadil could work on screen if they did it as a series as I've mentioned before. More time allows for truer to book adaptation. One issue with the adaptation is let's be honest, in TTT and ROTK Frodo and Sam have relatively uneventful journeys. This is why some roadblocks were thrown in, likeFaramir.

Someone mentioned Denethor, he has too little screen time so he never had a chance to develop. In the books he even shows his sword on his waist. But in the film Denethor has the most immersion breaking camera shot.

"The rule of Gondor is mine!" Cut to wide shot, expect to see guards come in or something to happen just... sits there. Such a terrible shot.
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