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the phantom, thanks for your timeline. Formendacil, thanks for your exegesis. Everyone, thanks for your feedback.

Due to the feedback on a starting date, and due to my own busy-ness on that Monday--

The King's Players will be starting on Tuesday, March 8.

That gives us five days to work up our wrong script to whatever level of detail we want, and, more importantly, decide whether we're playing in real-time or half-time. I need people's thoughts on this matter so that we can come to some kind of a consensus.

What I am thinking for the first two days of in-game time:

Day One: The Players arrive in Minas Tirith. We learn that the pheriannath are present. One of the party (who?) encounters Elanor (or if someone wants it to be Sam or Rose, that'll work, too) during the day. During the night, we do a dry-run rehearsal of the War of the Ring play.

Day Two: Early in the morning, a messenger shows up letting us know that the Court is attending our performance on Cormare. The Plot develops from there.
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