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Commendable research and scholarship, phantom and Form! *applauds*
I suppose during the years when the Players started to tour abroad and play in Minas Anor, they also continued to perform in Dale & surroundings, right? Because that's where Coldan met & joined them, which I imagine happened around F.A. 17 or 18 (probably not later, as they seem to have been quite busy extensively touring in Gondor and Rohan from F.A. 19 onwards).

Anyway, since Coldan is, after all, a member of the troupe, I'll do my best to post at least once a D/day. I probably won't have time on Tuesday the 8th (this being my wife's birthday), but from Wednesday on there should be no problem.

phantom's assignment of roles looks good to me, especially this:
Originally Posted by the phantom
Aldarion- dramatic, tortured soul, romantic lead
Aldarion- Boromir prince of Gondor
Do the wave for Aldarion the disco king and Therian the disco queen?

Only a few minor quibbles:
Originally Posted by tp
Amdir- minor roles if necessary (set design, construction, etc)
Amdir- Pippin the Hobbit Prince
Come on, you can't make the Ernil i Pheriannath a minor role! Didn't he lead a whole host of five thousand halfling warriers to the Pelennor, one of them riding with every Rider of Rohan? Or so I've heard...
Originally Posted by tp
Aldarion- Boromir prince of Gondor, the evil King Butterbur
Lovely idea to recast old Barley as the Dark Lord, but somehow I doubt that any of our sources has heard so much as his name.
And I notice we have nobody cast as Gandalf/Mithrandir. Now while it would be quite consistent for us to be totally ignorant of the part he played in the War of the Ring, he was a prominent and well-known figure both around Dale/Erebor and in Gondor, so I don't see how we could have failed to include him in the play.

Concerning our script, how about including some of the plot ideas the Prof considered in his early drafts but rejected later, such as:
  • Frodo gets captured by evil!giant Treebeard (who is in league with Saruman) at some stage of the quest;
  • Boromir isn't slain at Parth Galen but survives to duel Aragorn for the throne of Gondor (ok, probably not, as somebody from our Minas Anor audience would likely have corrected us about that already, or what do you think?);
  • ...(can't remember any more at the moment and don't have the pertinent HoME volumes to look up, but I'll try to wring my memory over the weekend.)
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