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Okay, so I decided to make some lists here. As we discuss and add more, I can edit in the changes and we can use the post as a reference point.

sources of The King's Players information
  • a couple dwarves from the Lonely Mt that heard stories from other dwarves who heard things from Gimli
  • men of Laketown that heard stories from Elves of Mirkwood who heard stories from Legolas
  • farmers & such from Gondor & Rohan that saw/heard things here and there
  • a pair of travelers from Bree they met in Minas Tirith during their first visit
I don't think it would be difficult for us to have received awful information about the story and characters, if we consider that many of the people wishing to tell tales were lying drunkards, or perhaps just inventing scoundrels looking to get a free meal. Plus I think some of us might be prone to believe the most fantastical/interesting stuff we hear given that the events were so big and the stakes high, not to mention as actors we'd want the story to be crazy.

some possibilities for The King's Players version of The Lord of the Rings
  • Gandalf shows up mysteriously at random moments, doesn't say much, and is just sort of around behind the scenes (role played by several people in heavy costume & makeup).
  • Whoever heard about Merry mistakenly thought "Mary" and after that the group filled in blanks with the assumption Merry was a lady. The thought that "she" is an Elf stemmed largely from "her" ability to speak to the trees (Fangorn). It was later decided to make "Mary" a love interest for Boromir, which added nicely to his death defending "her".
  • Gollum is an orc. After all, he's an evil creature that knew his way around Mordor. What else could he be?
  • From what we've heard, we know that the Hobbits ran into lots of trouble up around Bree, and we know that Aragorn helped them get out of Bree alive. Regarding their near deaths, we heard that the attempted murder was while staying with Butterbur (who must've been some sort of ruler if he had dozens of guest rooms), and that he had their ponies stolen, and that Butterbur was an evil man. (The travelers from Bree the King's Players met were full of crap and had a grudge against Barliman.)
  • Frodo was a mighty warrior and a bit of a wizard too. He did fight Sauron after all- what else could he have been?
  • Since we believe Sam to have been a somewhat stupid and unimportant servant, we decided to have him die earlier in the tale to add some drama (somewhere between the Shire and Rivendell). Imagine our surprise when we find out the visiting Hobbit-Mayor is Sam!
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