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Originally Posted by the phantom View Post
Actually, that bit would totally fit with what typical residents of Gondor and Rohan and such thought, wouldn't it? I can easily imagine the players initially writing in the Sorceress of the Golden Wood as a force opposed to the quest that ensnares the fellowship. There could be a great escape sequence, yes? But we could maintain some sort of romantic undercurrent if we want, with the enchantress trying to weave spells of seduction about Aragorn (or if need be someone else or perhaps several fellowship members).
We could turn the entire "testing" sequence into a dream-dance, featuring comely lasses (or lads, if we're going with Merry) of each member's various race (the Gimli/Dwarfette would be played for pure laughs)... but I don't think we have enough Players to pull that one off.
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