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Fea inspected what was left on her table. It was well after the noon meal and she hated day old bread.

Well, that was not true. The truth was that she subscribed to her grandmother's philosophy on baked good. Excellent the first day, passable the second day, bird food after. She would eat her own bread the second day, or sell it at discount, but it was better to sell the whole day's bake and start fresh each morning.

Still on the table were some baskets of sweet rolls, the kind that tide you over between noon meal and supper. They would sell yet, and the few that did not would go home with Erchan as a treat for his family. He apprenticed to her and learned a trade. His family made do with his absence by a regular influx of bread.

Let us see- there were two loaves left of oat bread, dense and a bit sweet, dusted with flour so the tops were soft and white. Good and filling, but not much to them unless you had a wedge of cheese and a sausage alongside.

This one, cracked wheat and pine nuts. Good and hearty, but not simple. The woman asked for simple.

"I've a loaf of white and a loaf of brown that both go well with whatever you serve. Not too sweet, filling, and simple. A humble bread. Shall I wrap the loaves?"
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