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"Nimrodel! Nimrodel!" he cried. She did not hear him, given as she was to the dance. Thus had it always been. Maegeleb would go to where she was, but she would not see him. He would call and she would not hear, distracted by the stream and falls she loved. He had not the heart to force her attention, enraptured by the vision of her. He had always been content to watch and wait.

Then Amroth had come and taken her love and her heart away. He had regretted his inaction ever since, and his anger at himself for his lack of boldness had curdled into hate and envy against Amroth. Worse, it had turned to anger and bitterness that she paid him no heed. She would pay him heed!

But that had all been wiped away! Here now she was again, in the newness of the world, and all was fresh and full of promise. This time he would not wait.

"Nimrodel!" he cried and walked toward her. She whirled by in the dance, stlil paying him no heed. The rage came in an instant. He wanted to grab her and stop her in the middle of the dance, and force her to look at him, listen to him. But what if he joined the dance? She still might not notice him. Dared he take the risk?
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