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Mithrellas was weeping also, but for joy and not sorrow. With her smile, the snow began to melt, and with her gentle words, the cold winds grew gentler and warm. Nimrodel's grief stricken tears slowed, and taking Mithrellas' hands, she laid her golden head upon them. Mithrellas spoke soft and long. Betimes Nimrodel trembled; betimes she was at peace. But the sun's warmth grew until the grasses went from new green to deep green, and the leaves came again.

The mortals blinked, and some passed their hands over their eyes, and stooped to touch the myriad flowers that bloomed anew. Ravion shook his head, and looked at Indil. "She is taller."

Indil smiled. "I am."

Ravion looked at Maegeleb. "He is older." Tharonwe all but hissed in reply. "Mortal fool."

Nimrodel raised her head and stood tall. She turned to each of the elves in turn: Mithrellas, Erebemlin, Taitheneb, Avarien. To Avarien she bowed. "May you find what you seek."

"And you, " replied Avarien.

Erebemlin and Taitheneb were waiting with baited breath. Taitheneb wondered whether he had breathed at all while the seasons had flown past. He must have, but he did not remember it.

Amroth. He had faded still more. How could he fade? Taitheneb turned towards the blacksmith, but he seemed a mere shadow. Where was the king?

Erebemlin reached one mighty arm to touch the blacksmith, and Taitheneb saw Amroth, faintly, faintly, standing afar off at the edge of the glade.

My lord!

I am here.

And now Nimrodel saw him. She glanced at Indil, who waved her towards the king. She turned to Mithrellas, who nodded, and reached for her shoulder, and spoke. "He has waited for you for an age. It is he who has what you seek."

Nimrodel started, and searched Mithrellas' eyes. "This one-- this king? He knows the song of the stream?"

Mithrellas nodded.

Indil nodded.

Nimrodel looked round, and all eyes seemed to her to be filled with hope; except the surly stranger, whose anger had become a black rage. She turned her back on him and walked toward the king at the edge of the clearing.

Amroth saw her approach, and began walking toward her. Erebemlin followed Nimrodel, and Taitheneb waited close at hand.

Nimrodel whispered to Erebemlin. "Why has your king faded? Is he so old?"

Erebemlin's face was tight with fear. "Perhaps you will heal his weariness, " he replied.

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