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The two golden elves passed from tree to tree, laughing, and gazing up at each one. Sometimes they played a sort of tag, sometimes racing past each other, sometimes running together through the morning, Lorien in winter, golden above and below. Suddenly they halted, listening.

Though gold surrounded them, the voice was silver. Erebemlin listened in wonder, and smiled at its beauty. It mingled with the stream, and which one borrowed music from the other was hard to tell. He turned to the king.

The king stood rooted and pierced by wonder. Erebemlin waited. On the song went, wandering and piercing in beauty. The king did not move. Erebemlin almost forgot the song for the joy it had brought to his king. The joy grew as the song went on.

"Shall we seek her, my lord?"

The king closed his eyes. "I shall not stir while she yet sings."

Erebemlin nodded; but he swung into a nearby tree, and climbed until he saw the singer.

The song ceased, and the king stirred. Erebemlin climbed back down the tree and stood beside him, and saw that he trembled.

"She stands alone by the stream, not two hundred yards hence, " he said softly. The king met his eyes, and he understood. He watched the king walk slowly westward toward the stream, the enchantment of the song still trembling in his veins. When the king was hidden by the forest, Erebemlin turned and walked back the way they had come.

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