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He had promised to choose on the seventh day; it was the sixth, and now he must run. He had stayed til the last possible moment, and departing took all his will.

He slowed. Seven feet tall, the magnificent golden elf appeared on the path ahead, running towards him. "I have come to bear your decision to the two brothers."

"Erebemlin! My faithful friend! How did you know--"

Erebemlin bowed to hide his smile.

Amroth stopped, and nodded. Then he shook his head. "I cannot choose, still. They are both worthy to be chosen. Therefore I choose the younger; the elder is too often chosen. And I can choose no other way."

Erebemlin raised an eyebrow. "The brothers are twins."

Amroth threw his hands in the air. "Was not one born after the other? Then have them draw straws!"

Erebemlin laughed. "You need not choose. I told them you have been delayed."

"I said I would choose. Which one was born later? He shall be the father of the boy."

Erebemlin nodded. Then he gestured back up the path. "Return to her."

"I shall, " said Amroth. "But not til I have given the brothers my choice. My path lies east."

Erebemlin and Amroth ran eastward; the road wearied Amroth, but Erebemlin ran easily.

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