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The Lorien elves saw the change in their king, and were glad when he went westward. Some of the elves migrated deeper into the forest, closer to the western edge. Amroth spent more and more time by the stream.

A day's march from the waterfall, there was a green hill that bore a great mallorn tree; from it Amroth could still hear the stream, and he could still hear her voice.

His folk brought white saplings and mallorn saplings, and planted them in two circles around the crown of the hill, where grew the great mallorn. When she came to the hill, she sang for him. Elanor and Niphredil sprang up in the grass, and grew there ever after.

High in the tree they built a flet, and there he held court. When his duties freed him, he went to the stream where she stayed. He built a simple flet there also, and his joy was as great as his love for her. But she would not wed a Sindarin elf. He waited, and wooed her through ever changing seasons. The years passed; he loved her yet more and more.

And then the darkness came.

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