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"I fled, " said Nimrodel.

A tear ran down Amroth's face.

"You searched for me. And when you found me, you vowed to bring me to a land of peace, and wed me there. And then we passed down into Gondor. But the land was restless."

"Drenched in evil. And I was parted from you there. I never should have left you, not for a moment. How I have rued that day since."

She gazed at him, doubting. And then she plunged into his mind again.

"You grieved. And searched, and searched. But we had pressed southward. You did not know this til we entered the mountains."

His tears fell freely. "The darkness over the land clouded my thoughts. I strove in my thought to see you from afar; yet however I strove, I could not."

Her face fell. "I was fearful, " she said. "I closed my thoughts. I feared to open my thoughts, lest the darkness find us."

Amroth waited.

"Instead, a different darkness found us. Found me, " she said.

Erebemlin shuddered, and Amroth and Nimrodel startled to see him standing beside them. Amroth reached to his shoulder. "Faithful friend, you could not have forseen that."

Nimrodel turned to gaze at Tharonwe, sitting bound by Raefindan and Mithrellas. "Great grief has he sown. Yet I proved to be fertile ground for such seeds of jealousy and resentment. Bitter I was, and driven to madness, and imprisoned by the darkness I tried to flee."

"Beloved, I would see you free from that; free, and in peace, and bliss."

"You would not enter that bliss without me." She turned back to Amroth, and they both shuddered.

"Nimrodel!" he cried, and leapt from the deck of the ship. A day and a night he fought the waves, but this time he felt her by his side. Then deep green surrounded them; their hair streamed around their faces. They gasped for breath and found none. Nimrodel braced herself at first, but then followed fearfully as Amroth sank deeper, and in the deep, he cried again. "Nimrodel!"

"That was the moment I heard you cry out to me?"

"You heard... perhaps it would have been better had I not cried out to you."

"That cry gave me hope!"

"And despair. Through the long years, it fed your despair, did it not?"

"But what else did I have?"

Suddenly a shriek came from the bound elf. "You had me! You could have had me! All I ever wanted was you! Yet you would have me not! Darkness take you both, darkness forever!" The bound elf was now screaming from frothing lips.

Nimrodel stiffened. Her eyes blazed and she began to tremble. She took three steps toward him, and she cried out. "I defy you. Begone! You have cursed me long enough! Begone and trouble us no more! Begone!"

The redhaired man raised one hand, and Nimrodel fell silent, and bowed her head. She turned, still trembling, and sought Amroth with pleading eyes.

"Show me, " she said.

He showed her his search through Gondor; his race to Edhellond; his pleading with the last elvish crew. The storm; the broken moorings; the receeding shore; his plunge from the deck of the ship; his battle with the waves. His last battle with the deep. And then silence.

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