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Roy was saddened that Maegeleb could not change. He had not completely given up hope, but he was not about to take any risks that might ruin Nimrodel's chances to find Amroth. He turned his thought to Indil.

She had grown! Her thought was all given to Nimrodel, as was Mithrellas'. But he sensed Angela too, and in the sensing discovered her thought. And she was aware of him.

There you are. You have been busy, and that is good.
It still amazes me that you are here.
It's a grace.
Don't I know it! And it's been a long journey.
Yet we're much nearer the beginning than the end.

So true. He sensed that this was just as much so for Nimrodel and Amroth.

And it includes Mithrellas, Raefindan.
It is strange, you calling me that. And now you will become my step-daughter while she and I make a life we once had. Most passing strange!
All of it preparation.
Was your life cut short such a preparation?

Roy sensed a sigh from her.

You still grieve a little.
Don't you? How is it for you?
I wonder what it would have been like to become a woman who loved you.
You were already.
For years, I mean.
Now you get the chance to do both, but as my daughter.

Angela began to laugh for the sheer hilarity of it, and Mithrellas joined her for she had been listening all the while - without jealousy - which increased his love for her.

And so we receive reward and grace far beyond our desserts.
So it always is.
May it be so for Nimrodel.
Aye, may it be so for us all,
said the thought of Mithrellas.
Then the three quieted for Nimrodel had just asked Amroth to give her the song.
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