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Southward towards the sea...

The mountainside elf slipped from the dance, and followed the stream. The circledance song faded from his ears even as it took root in his heart, and ran like sap through his veins. Beside the stream he ran, as it swept through Lorien west to east; golden leaves beneath his feet, golden blossoms drenching the air with fragrance; silver stream glistening like cold moonlight under the sun.

Ever and anon he paused, and bent towards the stream, and drank the glowing shimmer; ever the laughter welled up in his heart, but none escaped his lips. Instead his heart soared, and he exulted in his strength even as he caressed the stream. The song grew, lilting laughter, rippling song that rivalled the sweetest nightingale.

Down the stream flowed; down the mountain-elf ran; til the stream joined the mighty Anduin, where the elf paused, and stood on the bank, and watched the water, the silver laughing moonlight, flow past and blend with the seaward rush. As the sun sank into the horizon, the elf stretched tall, feeling the song vibrating in his veins; then he turned southward, dove into the rushing mighty river, and swam southward immersed in the moonlit song.

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