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Once upon a time there lived a big nasty troll in a whole. This troll had teeth which hurt him, and they were rotting. Then one day, (the picture is shown), he discovered crest. Crest has all the minerals and nutrients in the right amounts to cure your gingivitis in THREE WEEKS GARUNTEED! You'll love it so much that you'll want to keep brushin and brushin! The troll was so happy that he killed the supplier with that large spear he is holding, and handed out free crest to all of his orc friends!

Before he killed the newsman, he was asked, "How did crest help you out in life, Mr. Troll?" He replied, "Crest has made my dark ugly teeth nice and shiny, and I don't drool anymore. See these teeth?"

Then he ate the cameraman.

"Then we must go on, if there is a way."
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