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Ravion's Ramblers: Ravion

The morning rose quietly, sneaking up on Ravion like the creature in the water. It was almost as unwelcome.

He turned over, trying to block out the first rays of the sun, but it did not work. It never did. He sat up with an effort, his muscles stiff and his head throbbing. What time was it, he wondered? How long since he had fallen asleep? Had it really been any time at all? He groaned softly, so as not to wake up his companions, and went to Gond.

He stroked Gond's neck and took several deep breaths, struggling against the foggy feeling in his head. Gond looked at him soulfully and whinnied sympathetically. Ravion smiled faintly and set about making sure that everything they needed that was not in use currently was packed.

After he folded the now-dry clothes from the previous night, everything was. All that was left was to pack the blankets that they had used overnight. He would let the others sleep for a half hour, then they would have to go. He leaned his head against Gond and took some more deep breaths. It would take more than the poor night's sleep he had gotten to pull him through the day.
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