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Shield Night of Dec. 23; Liornung

Liornung tried not to show himself particularly conscious of Nethwador's presence in an attempt to make the young lad feel more a part of their company. The others were there and Liornung felt grateful for it, but he merely relaxed in their company and did not show any excessive joy in one or the other being there. He did not want Nethwador to feel differently from the group by having more focus put on him, nor did he wish Nethwador to be ignored, so he spoke idle words that concerned everyone, occasionally directing a question to one person but in a general way that offered others to join in.

An idea formed in his mind, and he sat up straighter, intrigued. Good Secgrof had mentioned lightly and perhaps only in jest that he wanted Liornung to compose a ballad of his adventures. Yet as he considered it the idea did not seem too terrible a one. He reflected on what he knew, and regretted what he did not.

"Ędegard," he called gently, beckoning the young man to him. "Ędegard, I would desire to know a deeper history of this 'adventure' we are on. I confess I know only what I have lived through, and nothing of what has happened previous. Tell me in your words what has happened before I arrived in the song."

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