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White Tree

Gwyllion sidled down to Mellonin and took her hand. "My brother says that dreams are vapourish mists. They make monsters out of trees and ghosts out of squirrels."

Aeron, who had followed his sister, added, "Yes, don't care a fig for them."

There he was again, saying weird things. She tried to remember if Raefindan had ever used the phrase and he must have. Yes...he said it a week ago. How could her brother remember things for so long? She shook her head. What an amazing brother.

"I had nightmares once," said Gwyllion.

"And she was silly enough to believe them," finished Aeron, playfully punching her in the shoulder.

She slapped him back and said, "But....they were real, but they were not not true."

She looked at Mellonin's drawn face, pale and white, her eyes rimmed with spidery red lines, and hoped that she had comforted her. She swallowed, and swiftly enwrapped her in a brief hug. "If your brother is alive," she whispered, "Ravion will find them."

"But I think it would best to prepare yourself to find him lost in the head or dead at the worst," said Aeron. "That way you won't be shocked to find him either mad or dead and if he is alive and well, you will be pleasantly surprised, shocked and delighted."
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