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Shield Dec 23 -- Liornung & Argeleafa

"I myself have met Thťolyn," said Liornung, speaking more to Nethwador and Argeleafa than to ∆degard. "Courteous she is, and also fair of face. She cares for ∆degard very dearly. Bella, too, met her."

Bella nodded in silence; Argeleafa considered the story ∆degard had told and felt a deep sorrow well up in her for Thťolyn. The latter had lost her parents in death, and not simply to the wayfarers. Yet Thťolyn's relatives had stepped forward to take care of her. And Argeleafa did not know who would care for her now that she lacked parents.

Liornung had been speaking a little more of Thťolyn through these brief thoughts of Argeleafa. "Yes, a fine girl," he said as a conclusion, and looked to ∆degard again. "Now I grow weary, and soon I must retire, but first, ∆degard, I must ask you who the one by the name of Freawine was. I met him also at your departure from Edoras, and he seemed very wise. Who is he?"

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