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Guiding Athwen over to a quieter spot, Dorran pecked her lightly on the cheek and gently laughted. It was the second question to which he responded, "Spoken like a healer. Always worrying about folk under your care, even if one of them happens to be your husband. You know me. I'll be fine. Anyways, the past is done and buried. What we have to worry about is the slaves."

"I wish we had a seeing stone to tell us what's going on. But since that's unlikely, we'll just have to wait till we catch them on the trail. At least we know the direction they're heading. And their numbers are in their favor. The slavers work in small bands. They're used to dealing with four or five escapees at most. Hopefully, even if they manage to find the slaves, they'll be scared off by the size of the group."

"Come on now." Dorran added with a wave of his hand. "Let's get back to the others. Maybe someone will have some ideas. Plus, the sun should be setting in an hour or so; I'm not sure whether we'll decide to push on or settle for the night."

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