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Originally Posted by Valier View Post
Well 1541 is the year that King Elessar passed and Gimili and Legolas set sail. So this story is set about 6 years after this. We can change the year a bit, but I thought this would work.

The fourth age began in 1422
If I may, I think that both the "1422" and "1541" referred to above were in Shire Reckoning. With the Fourth Age beginning in Shire Reckoning 1422, the year 1541 would thusly be Fourth Age 119. The Fifth Age, according to Tolkien's scheme, would not be on the horizon for another two to three thousand years.

Well, since I'm posting, I guess that means I'm saying "I'll play." Would a "gaffer" fit into this little expedition? Could various of the younger hobbits be grandkids? Like Rufus and Mira? I realize that would put my character at well nigh onto his hundredth year, but he could be hale. Thoughts?
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