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It was a dark night. It was all black and rainy outside, but it was pleasantly warm and light inside the kitchen. Two hobbit women were in the room, the older one stirring a stew in a small pot, the younger one chopping vegetables. She sat at the small kitchen table, head bent. It was difficult to see in the candlelight, especially with her shortsighted eyes, and if you asked Tansy Bogswort, there was only one proper way of chopping carrots and it was a precise one.

Maylily Bogsworth yawned. "Mum, you need not stay up any longer. I'm sure Bella is coming soon, but I can look after the stew and you can go to sleep. I'm sure she won't think any worse of you if you go to sleep and are not here to welcome her", Tansy said, "besides, Dad, Grandma Daphne and Fred are all already asleep."

"Are you sure you can manage?" the old woman asked, her brow furrowing so that it looked even more creased. "Of course, Mum", Tansy said, suppressing a sigh.

Maylily looked at her daughter. "Don't ruin my mushroom stew", she warned, "making a mushroom stew is a delicate art. Good night."

"Good night, Mum", Tansy said. She watched her mother walk slowly away and realised her steps were stiffer than they had been. There was hardly no brown left in Maylily's once chestnut hair. Tansy shook her head. It was no good.

Tansy chopped rest of the vegetables. She wondered if Bunny had something special in her mind. Her letter had sounded even more enthusiastic than usual and also somewhat... mysterious. Tansy was aware of a small smile creeping to her face. She was glad to see her young friend again.

She put the chopped vegetables in a bowl and started frying bacon. She hoped Bunny would come soon, for otherwise she wouldn't know what to do with the bacon. As soon as the thought had entered her head, she heard a loud squeal from the door. She recognised the voice instantly and hurried to open the door.

"Well 'Ello Miss Tansy! I've made it at last. No worse for the wear I should say. Are those mushrooms I smell?" Bunny said, a wide grin on her face and her clothes all wet and muddy.

"They are", Tansy replied, laughing, "but do come in, it's no use standing in the rain." She did need to say it twice, for Bunny was in before she had even finished the sentence. Tansy closed the door after her friend. "Now how on earth did you manage to get yourself look like that?" she asked with a grin.

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