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"We are going to Brandy Hall, to visit Tansy, father." Rudy said a second time.

Gaffer Hugo watched Rudy standing tall as he was able, his chin sticking out to just a wee bit, and risen up like he was giving orders to his own pa. The awful silence, full of all kinds of bad thing nobody was saying, was getting long. Gaffer Hugo understood; Hugo his son-in-law and accidental namesake, was a bitter man and had been getting that way even before he'd lost Rosemary so many years agone. Hugo number two never mentioned Rosemary anymore, he didn't need to. Everybody knew that it was always aback of what he blamed Mira for. It would do no good to raise that ugly fact where everybody could see it like a dirty stinky rag that needed more than a good washing.

"Good morning to you, Hugo!" Gaffer Hugo said. "I'm takin' Rudy an' Mira over to Brandy Hall to visit some friends and kin. Peony's folk are over thereby. How about you come along too?"

Gaffer Hugo flicked a quick glance over to Mira clapped her hand to her mouth with a cough to cover the grin forming there, for she knew what Gaffer was up to. They all knew that Hugo number two would be too concerned to make sure he wasn't going to bother with keeping Rudy and Mira under roof.

"Oh, fine!" Hugo number two griped with a dismissive wave. "Go on and leave me all alone like always."

Of course they all knew that wasn't true and Gaffer Hugo knew it made Mira feel bad, just like it was intended to, but there wasn't much hope of changing her dad, so no surprise, she smiled and told him thank you.
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