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Bunny skipped towards the little table and benches that were set up outside Peony's. "It 's only a tiny bit wet, you can just push the water right off." Bunny wiped the water off and sat down, as did Tansy and Peony.

"We came here Peony to ask you a favor," started Tansy. Bunny could contain herself no longer and blurted out," I have decided to tell you everything. I find this only fair since I need your help." Bunny leaned in closer to the now rapt Peony. " I decided sometime ago that I wanted to make a trip.... an adventure of sorts. Have you ever heard of the Ents and their lost Wives?" Peony nodded and Tansy smiled "Well I plan to go in search of them. I believe they may reside still somewhere in the North Moors. I have asked Tansy to join me on this adventure, and she" Bunny said with a smile, has graciously accepted." I had packed supplies enough for two, but I'm afraid my clumsiness has spoil all of my food, as well as ruined my only map. I'm not even sure what we would need to bring to make it safely there and back again.

Bunny relaxed a little and looked around. "Now this doesn't seem like something you would be interested in Peony would it? Bunny grinned at her. I am sure having you come would brighten our trip and make us one more the merrier. And Tansy has suggested that perhaps you would know where we could acquire some more supplies?

Bunny closed her eyes and went over the things she had brought. "I have a length of rope still and a sharp hand axe. My clothes thank goodness are getting washed by Tansy's gracious Mother. I had a good map my Father gave me but I'm afraid it has been ruined." Bunnies eyes welled up with tears. " I am sure he will be horribly disappointed with me when I return. All my food has been spoiled which will need to be replaced and I am sure there is a few other things we would need that I have forgotten.

Bunny stared off into space for awhile lost in thought. She almost fell of the little bench when she 'came to' Forgive my manners! Peony dear have I asked too much of you? I can pay you what little I have for supplies and we will leave you to your peace, but please would you like to come?" Yes would you?" asked Tansy in turn.
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