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Rudy's politeness had it's limits and he did not like being told what to do, especially if it involved Mira. It didn't matter that Peony was his cousin, she could have been the Mayor of Michel Delving, she wasn't going to tell him what Mira was going to do. Nevertheless, in usual hobbit fashion, Rudy was not going to let Peony know she struck a nerve.

Rudy signalled the Gaffer over, "We need to talk." he grumbled. "As for you two," he said addressing Peony and Mira, but Rudy was only looking at Mira, "stay right where you are or I might just call Melilot out here and put an end to this little adventure." It looked like Rudy was seriously contemplating just throwing a sack over Mira, tieing her up, and dragging her home.

Rudy wasted no time, once he felt him and the Gaffer were safely out any hobbit's earshot, he let the Gaffer knew exactly how he felt. "Can you believe Peony!? Telling ME Mira was coming! Demanding it! Ordering me around! You would think she was the one who has taken care of Mira for practically her ENTIRE LIFE! Someone has to do it. You know as well as I do father isn't going to." Rudy stopped, he was furious, but was not foolish enough to prevent his Gaffer from saying something if he wanted to. But, Gaffer Hugo continued looking at Rudy, reassuring Rudy he was listening. So, Rudy's fury began subsiding to frustration. "I don't want you getting the wrong impression. I love Mira, and every day I hope I show her that. If anything were to happen to her I don't think I would ever be able to forgive myself. It just seems like everything I'm trying to do goes to waste; It's as if I'm throwing my life away for nothing."

Rudy's eyes were tearing up, but he was good at holding those back. "We don't even know who these Tansy and Bunny hobbits are. I'm sure they are fine young hobbits, but they have no idea what they are getting themselves into on this little search for the Entwives. It's a dangerous world, and I would hate to see such young lives thrown away in search for things that don't even exist. I know Mira isn't going to listen to me, once she gets an idea into her head, I can't convince her out of it, but you could. I know she will listen to her Gaffer. So, maybe, you could tell her how foolish this is and we could all head back home? Besides, I don't think you want me talking to her right now anyway, things will be said that shouldn't be, and it won't end good."

The anger in Rudy at the beginning had nearly completely subsided, his tone was now more somber and weak. He was not sure whether he was doing the right thing. Was he being too controlling? After all Mira was not the young hobbit lass Rudy remembered her being. Rudy knew she needs to grow up eventually, it's just happening too fast for him.

"I am sorry if I've been rude to you, Gaffer, in my anger. Please, speak up, l want to hear what you have to say."
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