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Originally Posted by Huinesoron View Post
I hear Rian's gonna go throwing about themes of the old ways being in decline, portraying heroes who do stupid things and leaders who mess up, claiming you don't have to be a Chosen One to save the day, and letting characters achieve victory only at great personal sacrifice. I mean, pffft, I dunno what kind of Tolkien he's been reading.
I know- revolutionary themes which have *never existed* in any version of Middle-earth before! Finally- FINALLY- we're going to get something actually worth reading/watching!

At least we can hope he won't go putting in anything silly, like Hobbits thinking fireworks are real dragons, or folks bursting into comic songs at the drop of a hat. That would just be too outlandish.
Oh dear, I was hoping he could include something like our own Dance of the Pied Slugs... (We're offering tax incentives for companies to film here in our many beautiful locations, you know). It could easily be changed to "Pied Were-worms", I'm sure.

(And hey, you're from San Seriffe? Cool! I went there once, looking for the local Bigfoot legend, Typ-Ogres. Didn't find any, but had a great time rambling through the forests on Caissa Superiore.)

Cool! Did you see any kwotes?
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