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She passed the gates of a settlement. Silvan elves surrounded her. Some looked up and smiled. More silvan elves sat gathered beneath the trees, some eating and drinking, some singing. All were more than content. The path went on ahead of her. She walked on it.

At the end of the path was a small fire, and beyond the fire sat many elves. Two stood before one on a throne, and on the throne sat a king, beautiful even among the Eldar. She drew near, listening. The standing elves spoke in turn, eager and bold, and the king listened to each. Back and forth they spoke. The king put his chin into his hand, and gazed for a moment at the ground. Then he stood.

"I can not yet judge, and I shall not judge in haste. Return to me in seven days, and I will choose."

The elves were startled; but they bowed, and turned, and walked back along the path. They were smiling and talking as they went.

The king turned and looked at the tall and mighty elf that waited on him, and now walked beside him. "Erebemlin, what think you?"

"Both are worthy. I cannot choose."

"Even so, " replied the king. "And it is the harder that their brotherhood is strong. Every day I give my favor to the one I loved less yestreen."

Erebemlin laughed. As they walked, they passed other elves, who bowed as they passed; Amroth looked into every eye, and met no faithless or unloving heart. He longed to be a father to each one; longed to give bliss and peace, longed for an age of still greater peace than they had ever known. Yet he could not even choose between two brothers.

"What shall you do, my lord, to choose before the seven days end?"

"Either will be a good father for the lad. Perhaps we should let the lad choose? Yet he is still too young. The doom must rest with me. How shall I choose? I must forget the choice for a time. Were we in Greenwood, we could hunt the white stag."

"Perhaps we should ask every tree on the western marches which one is best suited. Perhaps the trees will know."

"Better than the river?"

"That would not take seven days."

"No. The western borders it is, then. And I shall reach the borders before you."

The two stopped, and the challenge passed like fire between their eyes. They turned as one and sped westward, golden hair streaming behind them.

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