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NImrodel paused, and gazed at Amroth, and lingered. And then she approached him, and stood before him.

He watched her, and waited.

She looked into his eyes again, and trembled. She spoke then in a whisper, but the glade quivered to hear it.

"You are true."

Taitheneb watched the king steadily brighten, and Erebemlin's fear began to ebb. At last, he thought. She knows him. An age seemed to slip away like a dream upon waking.

Erebemlin turned suddenly to the north. "My lord, hark to the breeze." Taitheneb caught his breath. Amroth's spirit burned brighter, for from far away, as if borne upon a breeze from a thousand years, he heard a silver voice, falling. His blood trembled in his veins. Once again torn between listening enchanted, or joining her in the song, he listened. His spirit burned steadily brighter. But Nimrodel stood still and silent before him.

Amroth offered her his hands, again, and she gazed down at his hands; slowly, she placed her hands in his, and then returned her gaze to his eyes.

"I will go with you."

Erebemlin bowed his head to hide his tears of joy; Taitheneb stifled a shout, for a moment, but then gave a great shout, and wept, and turned laughing to find someone to embrace. Some of the mortals laughed, some wept, some shouted for joy. Only Raefindan and Mithrellas neither moved nor spoke.

"Beloved, my heart desires naught else." He kissed her brow as joy swept through the glen.

Then he said, "But I can not take you with me."

Stunned silence fell, and one of the mortals gasped. The mocking laughter of the bound elf echoed in the glen before Raefindan silenced him.

Erebemlin's heart all but froze. She had been healed for moments, and now must she be wounded again?

"I do not understand," Nimrodel replied. But she did this day what she could not do for the past thousand years: she trusted him. "What must I do?"

Amroth's gaze kindled. "You shall choose whether or not to follow me-- alone."

Her eyes grew very wide. "I am afraid."

"I know."

"I felt the pain you knew under the dark water. Must I follow you into the water?"

"I do not know. Your way will be made clear if you are willing to take it."

"I have been in the sea. It is cold, and too strong. I fear it."

"The stream does not fear, but sings as it rushes to join the sea."

Her eyes sparked, and she pressed his hands. "Will the song give me hope?"

"The song of the stream." He lingered over the words. "That is what you came to ask me for."

Nimrodel gathered her courage. "Give me the song, " she said.

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