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Originally Posted by Pitchwife View Post
I'll third it with great third (and fourth it with great quart, if need be)! Bonding with random strangers over shared geekdom is cool, I've had such moments with students across the circulation desk at the library where I work. One sported a bag the shape and colour of the Tardis, and it turned out she had been to The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff in her holidays. Imagine my envy!

I also third what Zil and Rune said upthread about worrying too much. I do that too far too often, but fortunately I'm unlearning the habit under the beneficial influence of my happy-go-lucky wife.
Lauri and I went to the Doctor Who Experience in 2010 when we visited Cardiff and it was so awesome. We both squealed when we saw the familiar park area outside of the building out of excitement and my mother got so startled that she almost crashed the car. Yeah, don't be like us when you go.

On a less chat skwerly note, we also went to the Eagle and Child and when I eventually get my behind over to Oxenmoot, I will be assigning that to the Shire too.

As an addendum, I also assign my garden because I love it and weeding gives me peace. I feel like Sam Gamgee would approve.
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