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Mithadan has been trapped in the Barrow!
Greedhog made his way down to the Third Dungeon, home to the Third Shock Corps (Advertising and Combat Division). He entered the barracks and found a group of Orcs huddling about a table. "Where is Captain Gravlox?" he demanded.

"You mean Grbbllx?" asked one with a shudder.

"Grbbllx, Gravlox, whatever..." sneered Greedhog.

"He's in there," answered the Orc, pointing with a shaking hand. "Feeding his pet."

"A real monster, he is," interjected another. "A most ill-tempered rodent...with fangs like this..." The Orc brought two claws up to his mouth and gestured with them as if biting a leg of lamb.

"The rabbit, you mean?" asked Greedhog impatiently. The Orcs shook their heads in unison. "No, Captain Grbbllx!"

Well, that counts for something I suppose. His troops fear him. Greedhog rolled his eyes and walked past the cowering Orcs to the next door. He opened the door without knocking, only to find himself lifted into the air by his collar by a blonde, almost clean Orc. "No interruptions when I'm feeding Harvey!" he growled.

"Put me down you fool!" cried Greedhog. "I'm M˘gul's lieutenant, Greedhog."

Gravlox lowered the loyer and brushed off his paisley tie with a manicured claw. "Oh," he said. "Sorry You looked like an Orc. Beady little eyes and all..."

"I have an assignment for you and your troops," growled Greedhog. "M˘gul wants you to snatch someone from the Gallowship!"

"The what?" asked Gravlox, his keen blue eyes squinting with confusion.

"The Gallowship!" shouted Greedhog. "Also known as the Itship, the Nongenderspecificship, the Politicallycorrectship?"

Gravlox shook his head. "Never heard of it."

"Listen idiot!" cried Greedhog. "I know that you've been locked away for a long time, but you'll have to pay more attention to your debriefings. The Gallowship! The group of foolish Men, Elves, Dwarf and Dragon led by Merisuwyniel!"

Gravlox smiled broadly. "You want me to grab Merisuwyniel?" he asked. "That's more like it! I knew there had been some kind of mistake. Finally!"

"It doesn't have to be Merisuwyniel, it could be Orogarn Two of Gondor or that poet, VogonwŰ," said the loyer.

Gravlox looked at Greedhog in doubt and confusion. "You want me to grab VogonwŰ?" he asked with a slightly nauseous look on his face.

"It can be any member of the Gallowship," Greedhog answered with eroding patience. "Just grab him...or her, and bring him...or her, back here to be imprisoned and tortured."

"Better be VogonwŰ then," muttered Gravlox under his breath as he picked up his chainmail and sword.

"And Gravlox..." hissed Greedhog. The Orc nodded and looked up at the loyer. "I'll be sending some of my people along to watch you..."
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