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Originally Posted by Raefindel
Yeah, I'm in Port Orchard. I've never been to that Faire, though I've tried. They've been talking for a few years about moving it out of Gig Harbor, moving it to Port Orchard in a more permanent grounds like Fort Nisqually has.

I've been to this Fair in Port Gamble Medieval Faire

Do you live in Washington, Snowdog?
Yes I do! I live in the high mountains outside of Cle Elum. I was curious about that fair! Thanks for the info!
I found the Ren fair I posted about when I was going to my brothers when he lived in Lake Bay. I have to admit, the grounds where they are at is pretty cool with the woods and creek and bridge and all...

Yeah.. drought.... Our (so-called) governer's declaration... And yes, they are setting fires up here to burn out the underbrush and fallen fuels now before it gets tinder dry. An ounce of prevention.... makes for a smokey Kittitas Valley though when the wind isn't blowing.
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