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Originally Posted by littlemanpoet View Post
Greetings, Eorl Eodwine

We hope this missive finds you well.

It is with mixed feelings that we write this, for we do not relish the memory of our kidnapping. However, we remember with fondness the hospitality afforded us at your Mead Hall. We also remember with gratitude the one you know as Nydfara, whose real name is Scyld, for it is through his kindness and skill that we are alive today.

We were imprisoned by the dastard Sorn for ransom, and Scyld was at first our jailor. However, he did not like Sorn nor relish the evil man's ways, and helped us to escape, and protected us from murder at the hand of Sorn.

By the time you arrived at Scarburg to save us, with the assistance of Scyld we had accomplished our freedom. We offered, at that time, to defend his innocence and honor, but in his natural humility he requested that we not make good on the offer.

We thus, with full pleasure, take it upon ourselves to do as we offered then, and swear to the uprightness, faithfulness, decency, honor, good heart, and above all innocence, of Scyld. We hope that you will accept this letter in its intent, and declare Scyld to be not guilty of any crime, but instead a hero and a man of honor.

sincerely, Princess Linduial of Dol Amroth


What do you think? A bit too formally? Revise, rewrite, etc., as you wish.
A pedant writes: only rulers should really use the pluralis majestatis but maybe different etiquette applies in Gondor... I wonder if they have an equivalent to Debrett's, Burke's and the Almanach de Gotha? I'll get me coat....
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