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The depressing thing is that out of all the six movies only one is actually any good and (somewhat) true to Tolkien: The Fellowship of the Ring. The movie has the right tone and conveyes a sense of fairy-tale-like wonder that's completely missing from the other films. It feels otherworldly but believable, gritty and real, whereas the "The two Towers" and the "Return of the King" just don't feel right: they feel like b-movie comic book adaptions, sloppy, fake and not thought out. A lot of things are just so silly and unbelievable that they completely destroy any suspension of disbelief or immersion: the barad-dur lighthouse, sauron as a big eye???, the portrayal of the Witch-King, the Army of the Dead flooding Minas Tirith like Dishwater, the portrayal of Denethor, Gandalf punching the Steward???, Gondor/Minas Tirith are just disappointingly one-dimensional and lack any depth or mystery, ... , I could go on and on, the less is said about the Hobbit-Movies the better, those movies represent everything that's wrong with modern filmmaking.
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