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The Return of the Odd Couple…

Character: Vogonwë Brownbark

Species: Half Elf, Half Human
Age: Approximately 300 years

Height: 6 ft./1.9 m
Hair: Long, tied back with hairbow, ash brown in color
Eyes: Grayish brown

Occupation: Poet. Sort of.

Equine status: He used to have a mare named Pasdedeux, but is currently horseless, due to her elopement with Baklava the Black and Sarcastic. He rode the deceased Halfullion’s Tofu the Talkative back to Minus Teeth.

Weapons: A seemingly endless supply of hand thrown arrows, and a fatally comprehensive knowledge of Workmudian Aim-Well spells to affix to said shafts.

Magic knick-knacks: A silvery-brown satin hairbow, which grants him the ability to understand and speak every animal dialect known to the kevlar (sic). Once he even composed a poem in “Horse”. This may have something to do with Pasdedeux’s defection.

History: He was born to Geppettuil the Elven Party-king of Workmud (third cousin of Throngduil, thrice removed) and Darthana, a Woman of Chippendale (who drowned in the kitchen sink). He was raised to believe that he had been carved from an enchanted log. He left Workmud at around the age of 200 and settled down at the Elven Farm a few decades after that. He joined the Itship in order to tag along after his girlfriend, and compose poetry about their adventures. On the way, he discovered his true half-elven heritage. And lost his horse, of course.

Future aspirations: Composing poetry, visiting Chippendale to get in touch with his manly side, and making ¼ Elf, ¼ Hobbit, ½ Human children with Pimpi.


Character: Pimpiowyn Took (Pimpi)

Species Half Human, Half Hobbit
Age: 25 years

Height: 6 ft./1.9 m
Hair: Long, reddish golden curls.
Eyes: Big, round, and very blue.

Occupation: Being cute and pretty, eating a lot, and listening to Vogonwë’s poetry.

Equine status: Same as Vogonwë (though she could use her own horse now that she’s taller).

Weapons: An Elven dagger with a curved blade, which she christened Hush after slaying her first Orc with it.

Magic knick-knacks: None, since using her orc-detecting horsehead pendant, Lopitoff, as a grenade.

History: Born to Éohorse son of Needahorse, a Man of the Mike, and Pipsissewa Took, a Hobbit lass. Family was ambushed by Orcs while picnicking—parents were killed, horse beheaded. Pimpi was rescued and adopted by elves from the Elven Farm, and joined the Itship to hunt down the Orcs responsible for her parents’ death. She succeeded when Vogonwë, on her behalf, killed Gravlox the Not-So-Bad in a duel. She also grew from 5 to 6 feet upon eating a magic bean.

Future aspirations: Eating, becoming a shieldmaiden sidekick to Merisuwyniel and going on adventures, doing things like riding horses, killing Orcs, attending parties dressed in her black velvet dress with the red sleeves… yeah, good stuff like that. She promised to marry Vogonwë eventually, but plans on a long engagement before she has to settle down and raise hybrid children.

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