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Poor Shagoff, he will be disappointed when he realizes that Chrysophylax ate the corpse before him. [img]smilies/tongue.gif[/img]

With Esty's permission, I have been working on a small appendix to post here. It's a compilation of the parody names that were used in REB 1. The idea, is that if you want to make a reference about, say, Harad, and you want to know what it has been called in our alternate universe, you don't have to comb you memory or the old RPG, but simply look it up in Diamond's Nifty Alphabetized Appendix of Atrocities. It only includes the names that were direct allusions to or substitutions for places and people in Tolkien. (I.E. it won't include stuff like the Led Silmarils concert reference, or characters like Aliciel). I'll have it finished in a few days. I'm posting this explanation now so I can just sling it up without ado, when I do.

I forget to welcome Thenamir and Lush! Fie upon my head. I'm looking forward to the new characters.
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