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There is a new face of evil in Middle Earth. One of the lesser maiar, once a student of Sourman in the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM), now seeks his own 'window' to power. None knows his real name, kept secret under a bad haircut and spectacles. To those who purchase his wonderously soft wares, he would only identify himself as the "Gateskeeper".

A seeming helpful friend, he seeks to wreck and spoil anyone with a different program, hiding his intentions behind an innocent-looking but deadly blue screen.

After his last battle, wherein he fought the Eunuchs of the Pea-Sea to a draw, he now seeks the power of the reunified Entish Bow to aid him in defeating the dreaded Penguin Troops of the Line-Ox, and thus claim the Pea-Sea for his own. Using his latest Xpress Powers (XP) to further disguise himself, the Gateskeeper joins the fellow/gal ship to assist them in finding the remains of the great Bow, all the while planning to betray them and claim the ent-fragments for his own.
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