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Bęthberry is a guest of Elrond in Rivendell.Bęthberry is a guest of Elrond in Rivendell.Bęthberry is a guest of Elrond in Rivendell.

I am utterly, utterly, overwhelmingly, completely, stupendously offended and even mildly perturbed by the limited terms of your reference, Diamond, for this alleged Diamond's Nifty Alphabetized Appendix of Atrocities.

Revenge of the Entish Bow was so much more than a flagrant act of atrocious non-canonicity.

I mean, how will it be possible not to have need to recall Gravlox's son Gravy, who YET LIVES?

How will Merrisuewynniel not be torn daily and most particularly nightly by remembrances of her first true love which she threw over for that disgusting Gravlox? Will no one shed a tear for the Lord Halfullion Gormlessar and his heroic journey into new realms of selfhood which liberated him from the hidebound limits of girlish romance? Does this lord of the rim and beyond not deserve mention on your list?

And what of Bilbo Baggins' doppleganger, Bilbo S. Thompson, the gonzo journalist who brought us the really read book of Westmarch?

Has Pettygast breathed his last petty breath?

Will there be no mention made of the heroic weapons of yore? Are we to let pass into posterity the mighty Wylkynsion? Are we to harden our, er, hearts to l'En'viey Piennhas?

How soon are the heroic forebearers truly forgotten by those who navel gaze into new peradventures of the misbegotten. I, for one, am truly appalled. Clearly, the old heroic mythologies are passing into post-modern modes of, of, discombobulation.


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