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Re: outline

I think that the new draft should stick to a basic chronological outline as much as possible. I am ok with adding from HoME and UT where necessary or appropriate, i.e. adding UT Of Tuor and his Coming to Gondolin to The Fall of Gondolin. But drawing from texts such as UT The Druedain, should be left to a later chapter and should not be incorporated with The Coming of Men into the West.

I think the Chapter 'Of Maeglin' should be moved from after the Lay of Lethian to after the the bit on Tuor.
Of Turin Turambar should follow Of Maeglin, and then the Ruin of Doriath.

After all of that, I think one of you said something on one of the older threads in here about actual extending '77. This should be done by Placing two seperate books in the new silm. the first could be the Akallabeth, and the second should be everything that occurred during the Second Age in ME(insert The Druedain here). The second book should take most of the chapters from UT.

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