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Silmaril [rant]

Is it just me, or did anybody else wonder why a lot more are being sent to Mordor than to the Shire? Is the world generally filled with things that belong to Mordor?

I admit to being quite an active poster in the "What do you assign to Mordor?" thread. Every simple annoying thing in my life I send to Mordor, when I find the time. But the other day, while I was contemplating whether or not to send a certain very Mordor-worthy something to the Black Land, a thought came to me so hard I could have touched it. ( ) Isn't there something in bad things that could make them more appropriately sent to the Shire instead?

Just a thought.


Now that I'm trying to turn over a new leaf, I'd like to send parents and their children to the Shire. Perhaps the serene environment will give them the opportunity to understand each other.

Or maybe just Fea and Sauce.
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