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Hmm.... except for the beard and leanness of build, Crabannan almost reminds me of Conan the Barbarian.

Gwath, we ought to figure out a good time/opportunity to introduce your character. Also, why is he coming to Scarburg?

Lhuna, I expect to have a post up for Harreld today or tomorrow.

Finally, how much time do we want to spend on this Day? I can see a few things happening that need to be resolved: (1) Dan & Oeric, (2) the hunting party with Garstan & Erbrand (I think Dan would not need Erbrand whereas the hunting party will, and this gives us somebody to write about that little adventure, (3) Modtryth, Saeryn, Rowenna, and Aedhel (& Eodwine), (4) Javan and the tent makers, (5) Falco leaving, (6) Stigend and the timber, (7) Lhuna and Harreld.

Sheesh! We're busy today! I guess we have plenty to do before we wrap up this Day.

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