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Oops! It seems I've decided to place Garstan in more places than he can be in. Seems he's already involved with the tents.

Groin, Celuien is the writer for Garstan, but she is busy with real life issues for nigh unto a year so far, I believe, and so there is no-one writing her character, who is a "shone shaper" or mason by trade (we don't use the term mason as it is not Middle Earthy enough). So Garstan continues to be a character we LIKE to keep in the rpg because we all like Celuien and would love to have her back, and she hasn't closed the door on that either. So we use her character as it suits us (reasonably).

Groin, as the list below indicates, your character is the only one with an active writer, so feel free to do what you like with the characters. And there are plenty of weapons around, they just have to be dug out of whatever crate they were placed in for the trip to Scarburg.

Just to keep everything straight, I've put together a job list and characters busy with which jobs. If you think I need to change something, please let me know and we'll see what we can do. The ones I just sort of plunked down for lack of a better idea are italicized.

animal pens: Léofric (Firefoot), Eodwine (LMP), Thornden (Folwren)

hunting: Erbrand (Groin), guard4, Balvir, Matrim

tents: Garstan, Garmund, Cnebba (Thinlomien/Nogrod), Javan (Folwren), Lys,

With nothing but boys who can't help quarreling, tents aren't going to get very far until the animal pens are situated and those men join with the tents, I'm thinking.

timber: Stigend (Nogrod), Æthelstan, guard5, guard6

sickbed: Saeryn (Folwren), Modtryth (Lommy), Rowenna (LMP), Æðel

kitchen: Frodides (Kath), Kara (Kath), Léoðern? (who's taking care of the little one?)

smithy: Harreld (LMP), Ginna (Lhunardawen)

tracking Oeric: Daghan-Turi-Dan (Eonwe), Oeric (shaggydog)

leaving: Falco (LMP)

spying: Scyld (Firefoot)

Wow! There's a lot to do and perhaps not enough people to do it all!

(sheesh! I must have edited this post a half dozen times!)

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