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Hm, I seem to remember having a similar discussion recently. I think, when incarnate in the form of a reproducing creature, sex makes sense, as in the case of Melian. Of course, the issue then is of the nature of the fa of the child. It depends how new far are created (which would make an interesting discussion in its own right), and whether they come from Eru or are a product of their parents in some way as well.

Then we get to the issue of the Istari. I never thought of them as sexual, but now, after thinking about how they had to actually live in the bodies of Men, I would assume that they were also fully functional in that department. And then one wonders whether they ever did uncloak in the days of their physical youth. Or at least had the desire to, now that they were human and bound to the physical. Or would that be diverting from their mission?

As for other incarnates, I think it's more vague. What about about Balrogs? Would they have sexual organs? And if so, why? Or would Morgoth have denied them those to stop them getting 'distracted'? And as G55 said, it would be interesting to know whether incarnate Ainur were actually biologically sound, or whether it was just a faade. Or is that what makes the difference between 'light' and 'proper' incarnation?

And then there are the Ainur in their incorporeal state. I'd imagine that rather than going the physical route, their sex would be something like that of the angels in Paradise Lost, when Raphael tells Adam:
Originally Posted by Paradise Lost, Book VIII, lines 620-629
Let it suffice thee that thou know'st
Us happie, and without Love no happiness.
Whatever pure thou in the body enjoy'st
(And pure thou wert created) we enjoy
In eminence, and obstacle find none
Of membrane, joynt, or limb, exclusive barrs:
Easier then Air with Air, if Spirits embrace,
Total they mix, Union of Pure with Pure
Desiring; nor restrain'd conveyance need
As Flesh to mix with Flesh, or Soul with Soul.
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