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Originally Posted by Marwhini View Post
I went to High School with the owner and Founders of Ensemble Studios
Oh really? I am/was a pretty huge Age of Empires fan. Wish they were still around.
Originally Posted by Marwhini View Post
I am in every Robocop movie, usually doing Stunt or Firearms work, but in two normal scenes as either extra (my first appearance in the first movie) or as Bit-Part work... And I've been in more TV than I can keep track of.
I rewatched the first Robocop the other day (I've never seen any of the sequels or the remake, I admit); it's an absolutely terrific film, the kind of action film that simply isn't made anymore.

I must admit you make a good point about adapting The Hobbit, and I think this comes down to their efforts also to make it "more like The Lord of the Rings" by trying to turn it into an ensemble piece. Even though it's a trilogy of films which all go for well over two hours each, parts still feel rushed - usually the more sombre parts they gloss over so that they can get to more action...
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