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Originally Posted by Urwen View Post
If Anguirel was indeed looted, then I wish I could get my hands on it, or at least a model of it. An everlasting reminder of M[a]eglin.

Orcrist, Glamdring, and by assumption Sting, were Thingol's weapons. They would have been in the Tower when it fell, and been looted by the Orcs who were swarming below.

Anguirel, though, fell with Maeglin from the walls of the city, down into the fire. It would have been destroyed - were it not for someone rescuing it.

Hmm. Do we know anyone who's able to walk through fire and not get burned? Say, someone who has enough independence to go looting during a big battle - and maybe enough to flee the wreck of Beleriand, rather than stay and die at Morgoth's side? Someone who shows up later with a sword that glows with a fierce, fiery light, so bright that it seems to be burning?

It came to the edge of the fire and the light faded as if a cloud had bent over it. Then with a rush it leaped across the fissure. The flames roared up to greet it, and wreathed about it; and a black smoke swirled in the air. Its streaming mane kindled, and blazed behind it. In its right hand was a blade like a stabbing tongue of fire; in its left it held a whip of many thongs.

'Ai! ai!' wailed Legolas. 'A Balrog! A Balrog is come!'
Nah... it couldn't be...

... could it?

(And if it is, then ultimately the sword of the Betrayer of Gondolin meets its end at the blade of the sword of Turgon. Anguirel versus Glamdring: a battle six thousand years in the making!)

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