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Originally Posted by Thinlómien View Post
I might be able to write somethign during the weekend, but if Finduilas is able and willing, it might be better that she writes it. But I can try to find time, I'm sure it can't be that difficult.

Looks like this is going to start rolling again, it's great. Thank you everybody, especially morm and Groin, for pushing this on.
I got a little behind in this RPG, so it may take me a bit to find myself again. As I wont be able to get a post up before you, Lommy could you go ahead? I will try to post within a few days of you. If you want, we could do a PM post, as I would be able to do that this weekend, as they tend to take a little less time and thought. If it would be easier, or better to do it alone, then go ahead.

And I second Lommy's thanks!
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