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The trouble with Aldarion and Erendis is that it's so unrelentingly bleak. It's not like the Fall of Numenor or something, where the ending is that the bad people get destroyed while the good ones get away despite their losses - the end result of A&E is that the miserable people stay miserable. Forget about A&E themselves, Ancalime has a horrible life, and even her grandchildren are affected by the events (her granddaughters feared her and refused the throne on account of her). That's five generations, counting from Meneldur, who just can't catch a break on account of one bad romance.

It's true that films with miserable endings have their place, but - even assuming you could get audiences to go for a downer ending in a fantasy movie - I don't feel like it's true to the spirit of Tolkien. With the exceptions of Aldarion and Erendis and The Children of Hurin, all of his substantial stories end with both loss and hope. A&E doesn't have the latter.

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