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"Sorry!" NŠin raised his hands quickly in peace. "Sorry! You startled me! Here, let me help!"

Feeling extremely flustered, and quite sure that his cheeks were as red as his beard, he bent over, and started to pick up some of the bread rolls.

"No, no," insisted Kara, "it's as much my fault as yours." She too bent over to pick up the rolls. "But, as I was saying, can I help you? It's clear that you're a stranger here."

"Well, I, ah, I'm looking for the Eorl of the Middle Emnet," said NŠin, still rather flustered. He dropped several of the rolls he had just picked up, half-missing the tray he was trying to put them on. Kara held up a hand.

"Here, let me!" She picked up the re-dropped rolls, put them on the tray, then faced NŠin.

"Now," said Kara, "you said you wanted to see Eodwine. I'm afraid he's not in right now. He went down to the Horse Fair. Is it urgent?"

"Yes- I mean No!" said NŠin. He really didn't like talking to the womenfolk of Mankind. At the height that he was, it was generally difficult not to stare at various parts of the female anatomy, which weren't even camouflaged, as they might be on a Dwarf woman, by a full, healthy beard- or any beard at all. He did his best to control his nervousness, and look Kara in the eyes.

"What I mean is," he said as carefully as he could, "is that I was told that I might find hospitality here while I stay in Edoras. I've got a letter-"

NŠin held up the crumpled parchment he'd been reading over.

"But if things are too busy with the construction and all," he rushed on, "then I can find somewhere else. I saw an inn on the way in, and I've got plenty of coin for my purposes and it'd really be no trouble at all-"

"Whoa!" said Kara. "There's no problem at all! At least, I think there isn't. How about you just settle into the Great Hall until Eodwine returns? I'm sure there won't be a problem. Let me give you a hand with your sack."

"Don't bother!" NŠin interjected as she reached for his sack. "I doubt if a delicate human like you could hoist that. With a heave, he grabbed the hammer-laden pack off the ground two-handed, and slung it onto his back. He appeared to sag an inch or two under the weight.

"I don't think I got your name. I'm Kara, I'm sort of the assistant cook around here."

"NŠin son of Narin son of Nori, at your service," said he, sweeping off his dark brown hood in a low bow that had his hammers and chisels jangling forward. He rather clumbsily regained his feet.

"You said something about a Great Hall? Would it be possible to find a tankard of ale? It has been a long journey..."
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